Recently, Netflix announced that it would be partnering with a creative agency named Carrot and a dispensary from California to develop it’s very own range of cannabis strains inspired by several of the streaming giant’s hit series. These strains were released recently at AHHS’ Hollywood dispensary in special packaging inspired by hit series such as Bojack Horseman, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return and Orange Is the New Black. 

So, what does this say for the current state of the cannabis industry? Well, I would say it shows a wider acceptance of cannabis for starters. Whilst Netflix nor Carrot were hands-on in the venture, they didn’t touch the cannabis itself, they certainly enabled this partnership to happen, showing that they at least acknowledge the monetary value of cannabis, which is a start. This may lead other entertainment titans to see the benefits of cannabis in terms of profit and subsequently see them investing in cannabis-related ventures. It may be a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason which, for now, is pretty agreeable considering that cannabis is very much still a budding industry.

This also seems to suggest that Netflix acknowledge that they’re services are favoured by stoners all across the world, with the streaming service being the perfect companion to many when getting high. This seems to go a bit beyond a tongue-in-cheek reference and suggests that maybe further partnerships such as this one may occur in the future to accompany new series or even to keep up with the growth of the cannabis industry.