Rose petal blunts are a thing now, such is the world we live in, a seemingly unnecessary luxury that might just be a good idea, if not simply pretty fun in theory. Roses and cannabis actually share quite a lot in common, both are flowering plants, perhaps even the two most famous flowering plants, both are pleasant smelling and easy on the nostrils and both are synonymous with specific dates/days, Valentine’s Day for roses and 420 (April 20th) for cannabis. Admittedly when I first saw about the two being used in conjunction, I thought, rather bizarrely, that the rose petals would be used as a substitute for the more dangerous and carcinogenic tobacco, however, once I learned they were being used for blunts, I realised exactly which part the petals played in the process.

Of course, the petals are used instead of papers or a cigar wrap (for blunts) and surprisingly they work quite well, admittedly, the process is somewhat lengthier than your average joint or blunt rolling.

In a viral video on Twitter, user @simple_sasha wowed her followers with a video explaining how to make one of these fantastic smokeables, the result was a viral smash, racking up over 93,000 retweets and 256,000 likes.


Now, we are unsure how easy this actually is to do in real life, but Sasha makes it look relatively painless. Not only that but the resulting product looks great, I had my doubts over whether it would smoke at all in the first place, however, it looks to be smoking fine once sparked.

When another user tweeted asking what it tasted like, Sasha responded by saying, “It’s almost sweet and a little earthy,” all which sound like fine flavours to me!

Since this video’s success Twitter and the internet at large has seen a flurry of people posting their own takes on this flowery blunt and I’m sure the craze has only just begun.