It’s been a while since Washington State legalised marijuana, yet it is a state which is often overlooked when it comes to the cannabis conversation. Nonetheless, cannabis is widely used particularly in the city of Seattle, with it being applied in numerous scenarios to help patients cope with illness and whatever grievances or stresses which come as a result.

A group of researchers banded together to find out exactly how many cancer patients utilised cannabis to help them with pain, nausea, depression and stress in the past year.

926 patients were surveyed by researchers at the Seattle Cancer Centre Alliance where it was discovered that over 24% of the patients surveyed had made use of cannabis in the past year for medical purposes relating to their cancer. On top of this, a further 22% of patients were found to have used medical marijuana in the last 30 days while around 66% had used cannabis at some point in their life.

The patients reasons for using cannabis were mainly listed as relief for physical pain such as nausea and aches, however, many listed it’s uses as helping with mental illnesses which arise from long-term illness such as stress, depression and insomnia. To this end, the cannabis was either eaten or smoked by the patients, depending on which ailment they wished to treat.

However, this study did highlight one negative of Seattle’s cannabis industry, that being that doctors are sheepish and secretive when it comes to revealing information and details on cannabis use to patients. This is something that will need to be looked at and improved as patients look towards alternative medicines to help them in the fight against cancer.