Cannabis, the wonder drug that could, would and can but is often not given the time of day by medical professionals to work its wonders. However, there are some cases where cannabis can strut its medicinal stuff, where it is allowed to realise some of its largely untapped potential.

Such is the case with 6 year-old Jayla Agbonlahor, niece to Aston Villa forward Gabby Agbonlahor, who developed a mystery illness mere days after her first birthday which has led to her experiencing multiple seizures making it difficult to eat, drink, talk and walk.

Louise Bostock, 33, was at a loss at how to treat her daughter, when at birth she was perfectly healthy before she was stricken with this unknown ailment. Just days after her first birthday, Jayla stopped breathing and ‘kept going blue’ ¬†which meant she had to be rushed to hospital, where she stayed for five months. It was at first presumed that Jayla had epilepsy, which was proven incorrect after she did not respond to treatment, following this, she was tested and treated for a number of other illnesses but all came back negative. On top of all this, Louise went into labour with her second child, son Junior.

At this point, doctors revealed Jayla was resistant to conventional medicine, making all seem hopeless. It was then that Louise turned to alternate methods to save her young daughter. Enter CBD oil.

Jayla started taking cannabis oil to relieve her suffering. And the results have been miraculous. Jayla is now able to watch her favourite television programs with a smile on her face, on top of this she has not had a seizure in months. With her quality of life improved, Jayla has already surpassed the prediction of the doctors that she would not live longer than four years.

Despite giving their daughter being technically illegal, Jayla’s mother states she has no regrets, and these amazxing results have actually led to the girl’s parents being able to freely treat her with CBD, with the one caveat that they must import it themselves from Holland.