Cannabis food is something we have discussed a number of times here at Cannabis FYI, however, food is not the only consumer product being augmented with cannabis. As it turns out, the cosmetics industry is utilising cannabis in a big way, from soap to shampoo to face creams, is cannabis the cosmetic industries new secret weapon?

After being legalised in 29 states across America, it only makes sense that cannabis usage should go beyond the simply recreational and even the medical.  Every couple of years, the cosmetics industry introduces a new ‘wonder substance’ which helps to enhance and beautify certain areas of the body such as hair and skin. From tea-tree oil to palm oil, it now looks as if cannabis and hemp seed oil will be the new component which we see everywhere.

CBD oil, cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive found in cannabis which can have some serious effects in skincare products. CBD will bind itself to receptors in the skin which are responsible for heat, itching and pain and then set about soothing this. In addition to traditional skincare, it can also be used as a valuable component in muscle rubs and pain relief products. Due to it’s abilities to reduce sebum as well as it’s anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is being used for acne treatments.

One of the major questions people would have with cannabis infused cosmetics would be the price point. But, as luck would have it, prices range from a couple of quid (£2-£4) all the way up to around £50+ which means there is pretty much something for everyone and anyone who wants a piece of this action.