The state Department of Finance & Administration’s legal team is notifying nearly 100 companies who applied to win one of the eight highly sought-after pot-growing greenhouse licenses to let them know if their proposals have cleared the state’s first hurdle.

“Our legal team has made it through the 98 cultivation applications and notified applicants on whether or not they met the basic requirements to proceed,” DFA spokesman Scott Hardin said Tuesday (Oct. 3) in a response to a Talk Business & Politics query. “I should note that although we have notified all cultivation applicants, nothing is formal until the medical marijuana commission votes to take action on these applications.”

Just over two weeks ago on the Sept. 18 deadline, 322 applicants submitted bids for cultivation facilities and dispensaries to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission. Of that total, there were 200 applications processed on the final day, leaving the state’s newest regulatory panel with the unenviable task of evaluating each one.

The Commission first began bids on June 30 for up to five marijuana growing facilities and another 32 dispensary applicants to operate up to 40 retail locations in eight quadrants of the state. Hardin said the Commission will decide at their next meeting on Oct. 16 if applications that don’t meet minimum standards for such requirements as residency and tax issues will be formally disqualified or accepted to proceed to formal review.

Original post from KATV