Deryn Blackwell, from Norfolk, was sent to a hospice shortly after his 14th birthday to live out his final few days.

He was frail and in extraordinary pain after a relentless battle with a one in a billion form of cancer, Langerhans cell sarcoma.

But after his parents secretly gave him cannabis oil to ease his pain and anxiety, he made a miracle recovery, as the Daily Mirror previously reported.

Today, Deryn – who had also battled leukaemia – is a happy and healthy 17-year-old student, with friends and a girlfriend.

And he was on Loose Women, with his mum Callie Blackwell speaking about the wonders cannabis did for him – and how he felt when his mum first told him about her cannabis idea, while he was planning his own funeral.

He said: “I was on the brink of death, I was up for doing anything.

“It wasn’t going to hurt me anymore than what was already happening.

“I didn’t worry because, quite selfishly, if it didn’t work I wouldn’t be around to see what happened.

“And if it did work, it’s fine.”

Callie told the Loose Women: “His nails were all falling off, and they wanted to amputate his hand.

“Five days after he started taking cannabis, his bandages had come off.

“I couldn’t tell the hospital staff why, the cannabis was hidden in a jar under this bed. Some of the hospice workers knew and called it, ‘the magic under the bed’.

“Everything had been taken away from Deryn, there was no conventional treatment left.

“I was told, ‘Something will get him.’

“It got to a point, I knew I was facing 14 years if I was found out, but I would do every day of a 14 year sentence if it meant he was still here.”

His remarkable transformation – and his parents’ actions – have been widely reported on following the Mirror’s article.

But recently, Callie took to social media to correct what she called “wholly inaccurate” claims in some articles.

She clarified that she is not claiming cannabis “cured her son’s cancers” – because he was actually in remission at the time.

Instead, she said the class B drug “had a profound effect” on the teenager’s bone marrow, ultimately saving his life.

The devoted mum explained how it had been 70 days since Deryn’s last bone marrow transplant, which hadn’t worked.

She knew that no transplant had ever grafted after more than 50 days. There was no hope left: Deryn was waiting to die.

She posted on Facebook: “Deryn did not have cancer at the time. He had been in remission of cancer for a number of years.

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