While the supporters of Amendment 64 have been celebrating the fifth anniversary of the 2012 vote that legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado, other groups are continuing to campaign against cannabis, including the Marijuana Accountability Coalition, which paid for an anti-pot billboard downtown this month that asked this question: Are you better off than you were five years ago? Answers Jeremy:

Why yes, yes I am. And so is society at large. Sorry, guys, the facts and science aren’t on your side on this one.

Responds Angela:

No. Traffic sucks, too many people moved here, housing is ridiculous, and wages have not kept up.

 Comments Ben:

Stupid anti-pot conservatives, stop forcing your ideals and opinions on the rest of us…just like you do with everything else. If you don’t like it, you can move to a city or state that doesn’t allow it.

Says Andrew:

I don’t partake, but I definitely think we are better off as a state. I have followed the bumpy road, and we are definitely better off.

Responds Paul:

Legalization was a huge mistake. Things were much better when we were just medical. We had better rights as patients when it was only medical. Now we’ve been out-regulated from producing our own medicine because they expect us to go to dispensaries so that they can continue capitalizing on us by extracting more tax dollars.